Chromosomal rearrangement (CR) event may disrupt genes and other functional structures. They have been implicated in many tumor and non-tumor human diseases. These rearrangements usually result in the formation of a fusion gene, derived from two disrupted normal genes, from which a fusion transcript and protein is generated. In some instances, however, rearrangements place an intact gene under the control of new regulatory elements or cause internal reorganization of a gene. But, how CR events lead to their associated diseases is also obscure. Recently research has provide that CR events lead to Polydactyly disease through change chromosomal 3D structure. In recent years, advances in DNA sequencing technologies has led to accurately identify CR event and chromosomal 3D structure, Combination of these biology information may give us some inspirations about pathogenicity of CR event and chromosomal 3D structure.


Version 1.0.1, Nov 10 2016

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Version 1.0.0, Apr 15 2016

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