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Clinico-pathological characteristics (CPCs) depict the heterogeneous features of cancer patients and provide the basis for cancer diagnosis, classification, prognosis prediction and as well as development of novel cancer treatment. By performing a comprehensive pan-cancer analysis of the correlation between the multidimensional molecular data and corresponding clinical characteristics from TCGA, we established 4CR: Cancer clinico-pathological Characteristics Correlation Resource, a database to link gene/miRNA expression and CNV with clinical features.
Currently, 4CR contains 74 clinical features from 26 cancer types (view statistics page for more information). As an open resource, 4CR allows researchers to query and analyze the correlation between genes and clinical findings in a flexible and customizable manner.
4CR is a valuable resource that is paving the way for further in-depth studies, especially facilitating integrative and systematic cancer studies. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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4CR currently contains:

  • 26 cancer types
  • 74 clinical features
  • 18,548 mRNAs
  • 19,760 CNVs
  • 1,046 miRNAs